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Different Techniques For Upholstery Cleaning Different Techniques For Upholstery Cleaning 15 May 2014

1.    Hand washing. You will find that as a stop gap between deeper cleaning, hand washing your sofa or armchair can be a good solution. However, getting your upholstery too wet can result in serious problems further down the line, and this will mean that the depth of the cleaning that you can do by hand is marginal in comparison to other professional techniques. Ow will often find that taking a damp cloth and simply wiping down the sofa can get rid of a decent amount of dust and dirt, whilst there is also a lot that you can do by adding soap or a little stain remover in to the mix. Lather up the surface, and wipe it off with a damp cloth, again, ensuring that you do not get the padding too wet. You will find that you can help the situation by using as little water as possible, and by opening the windows, in order to ventilate the room better, and help drying times. 2.    Removable covers.Many sofas and arm chairs come with removable covers, especially the cheaper ones, which makes their upkeep a lot more easy. You can simply take off the covers, and chuck them in the washing machine, freshening them up easily and quickly. Have a look at the washing instructions for a decent idea as to how to wash them best. You will find that A cool wash with added stain removing detergent should mean that you get your covers clean without any chance of shrinking the covers. It is advisable to dry the covers in the sun, as this will mean that they get well ventilated, and will be much better smelling afterwards. Tumble drying will mean that you risk misshaping the covers, and this will mean that it is difficult to get them on to the sofa again, without it looking ridiculous! 3.    Dry cleaningDry cleaning will usually be for clothes, but there are professional services who can give you a great upholstery dry cleaning service that will get your furniture looking incredible. You will find of course that this is an expensive process, but the fact remains that dry cleaning is by far and away the most effective and long lasting way in which to clean things, form clothes to carpets, and upholstery is no different. So, for every five times that to wipe down your sofa, you could have dry cleaned it once. It depends on how much you are happy to spend on the cleaning of such things. Dry cleaning uses compounds that attract dirt on contact, and will then be vacuumed away. This means that you have none of the water damage that can come with other cleaning techniques, as well as an extremely thorough clean, with little to no effort on your part. 4.    Steam cleaningSteam cleaning will be great for many types of upholstery, but you need to be sure that you consult a professional about it before you get it done, as some silk and wool materials will not be able to withstand the heat. Steam’s heat and moisture pulls the dirt form the fibers, leaving the upholstery looking brand new, much like dry cleaning. It is a great method for cleaning, though the amount of moisture that can be left in the fibers and the room can be a problem if your home is not very well ventilated. If you are happy with the air cycle throughout the house, then it should not be a problem, but if you already have trouble with damp or mold, then you should avoid steam treatments.

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