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How To Shift Grease Fast From Ovens, Tiles, Walls? How To Shift Grease Fast From Ovens, Tiles, Walls? 20 March 2014

Ever wondered how grease seems to find its way into every nook and cranny around our homes? Well, it’s unavoidable that it will since most busy families will be cooking on a regular basis and no matter how clean you are it’s hard to tackle all areas of your home on a daily basis. When we cook, grease tends to travel freely and although there are things that you can do, such as installing a cooker hood, it still won’t solve the problem completely and deep cleaning at home will be required at some point, to address the situation. Most of the common areas often affected by grease tend to be situated in the kitchen or adjoining rooms which lead on from the kitchen. When we perform a home deep clean we usually notice that the walls, tiles, skirting boards, cupboards and oven are the most affected. But what is the best method for removing grease from around our homes? Follow our guide to help you along the way! Grimy kitchen walls and cupboards!When grease sticks to walls and cupboards you may not even notice it at first but when dust starts to settle onto it afterwards, this is when it becomes more apparent. To remove the grease from these areas use white vinegar diluted with water and wipe away, for stubborn areas which are generally the tops of cupboards use a scouring sponge to scrub and lift the grease and rinse everything away with fresh clean water afterwards. Tip/ when doing a deep clean in the kitchen pull out washers and under counter fridges as you will be surprised how much sticky residue settles to those appliances, whilst they are stored under work tops! Tiles and skirting boards!You can use the same method as above for effective cleaning when cleaning grease from tiles and skirting boards however another great option is to use a steam cleaner on your tiles and this is much quicker too. Steam cleaners are effectively good, they are the safer way to clean as they only use hot water and steam to remove grime but they work remarkably well and they can be used for many different rooms and contents within the home, such as bathrooms, carpets and textiles too. Some people prefer to hire a domestic cleaning company over purchasing a steam cleaner as they don’t feel it’s necessary to buy something that they may not use often. Others will use a steam cleaner all the time after having learned about the great things you can actually do with one. It’s totally up to you whether you decide to invest in a steam cleaner or not however if you would like to see one used in action, hiring cleaners for a one-off clean is a great way to gain some valuable knowledge.Ovens are the worst for grease!I’m sure we all agree that ovens are the worst affected area when it comes to grease and residue and it’s bound to be the case since all of our cooking and roasting is done inside one. You can use shop brought products either chemical based or eco-friendly for effective oven cleaning or you may wish to try a homemade cleaner using baking soda, white vinegar and citrus which works just as well. Its advised that to keep and oven working in tip to form as well as remaining efficient its probably best to make time at least once every six months to clean out the oven properly. Not only does it make the oven more efficient but it’s also makes it safer and fire hazards are reduced.