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       Since hiring Cleaners to do home cleaning for us on a weekly basis, I no longer need to worry about anything to do with the chores. They know our routine and work in a way that really helps us, and takes a lot of stress and worry off my plate, which is a huge help.    
Harry Turner13/12/2017

       Got to say that the only home cleaning company in the area I think are actually very good are WandsworthCleaners. I've had a lot of experience of working with the other firms, but they're the only ones who I want to turn to every time. They're so good at what they do, but they don't overcharge customers. I've got a great deal from them and I'm more than happy with my experience so far.    

       I bought some second-hand furniture but wanted to have it professionally cleaned. I thought WandsworthCleaners would be a good fit for my needs, and the service they offered wasn't expensive. The cleaner did a very good job and made the upholstery look as good as new. Having thoroughly sanitised furniture really gave me peace of mind - thank you!    

       I felt it was important to keep my windows clean. Wanting the best results, I knew I had to hire professionals. I looked at several firms before I settled on WandsworthCleaners. They were professional and helpful, which is everything I wanted. Their top team came to my home, washed, and wiped the windows clean. No speck of dirt was left, leaving me with perfect windows. I am thoroughly impressed by them and will continue to use their services.    
Amber Cooper18/12/2014

       Karen and her team are the best cleaning crew I ever had in my house, and I have quite a few of them. WandsworthCleaners was recommended to me by my friend and I am so glad I took her advice. The cleaners were so good at their job that I didn't have to look over any aspect while they were at it. Even then, they went out of their way to clean areas that I didn't think they would bother about. That made me so happy! I will definitely recommend them to everyone.    
Hilary R.04/12/2014

       My oven had become a bit of an elephant graveyard and I felt compelled to call in the professionals to get it cleaned up properly. WandsworthCleaners were terrific and in a day they got it right back up to a brand new standard. They had some very strong substance or other which they used, plus the latex gloves and a few scourers and within an hour the oven was completely grease free and the shelves silver once again. It didn't cost me a lot to hire this cleaning agency and they were quite flexible in terms of when they came to do the job for me.    

       You were one of the first businesses I called after a recent break in and from beginning to end you were fantastic. Like anyone would be I was still a bit rocked by the situation and feeling a little uncertain about things, but luckily I contacted the right cleaning service and you were just great! WandsworthCleaners is a company that I would recommend to anyone. First-rate people the whole way. You helped to clean up some glass that I didn't want to go near and a bunch of other damage done in my flat and I can't thank you enough!    
Chris N.23/10/2014

       When it comes to my home I need everything to look spotless from top to bottom. I am extremely house proud and therefore every room must look its best at all times. I am unable to maintain these high standards by my own work alone and so I have been using the WandsworthCleaners house cleaning service. It is the very best I have yet come across and I would recommend it very highly to anyone in the area. The cleaners are very good at what they do, do not overcharge and leave my house in perfect condition.    
Judith Y.09/10/2014

       Keeping a clean home is always high up on my priorities list. Every bit of loose dirt and dust in every corner of my home needs to be removed in the most efficient way possible. Because of this, I only hire cleaning companies that have a high level of established professionalism - the only cleaner in my area that meets my requirements is WandsworthCleaners. They use only the most efficient cleaning products, and keep a wide range to hand to deal with every type of surface. If you've never hired a cleaner before and want to give one a try, I would highly recommend them. My experience with them was nothing short of perfection.    

       Having WandsworthCleaners round to do a spring clean every six months really does make the house so much nicer to be in. I hate cleaning, and having to do it by myself would be a pain, so I have the team come over. They make light work of the place, ensuring that all is cleaned well, and nothing is missed, which is much more thorough than I would ever be! I have to say, they have made thing a lot easier for me throughout the year, as it means that my day to day cleaning is a lot less stressful.    
Juan Mitchell31/07/2014

       I have lots of kids and all I seem to do is prepare meals in my home. My oven was definitely looking worse for wear and, no matter how many times I cleaned it and no matter what products I used, I just couldn't get it looking as good as I wanted it to. I decided to call in professional help and chose the oven cleaning service provided by WandsworthCleaners. I can honestly say that it was the best decision I could have made! My oven looks as good as new and I never expected such fantastic results! I'm really and thoroughly impressed with this service and would like to say a massive thanks to the cleaner who helped me!    
Natalie R.08/07/2014

       I've been wanting to make this post for a while and finally got around to it, but I wanted to just say that WandsworthCleaners were a really great option when it came to making sure that my carpets were free of stains. I was in need of a quick and easy service in order to make sure that my home was as presentable as possible and a big part of that was shifting some of the stains which had built up on the carpet. I decided to call in professional help and they made a big difference.    
Deborah Roberts04/06/2014

       Working with WandsworthCleaners has been a bit of a revelation for me, as I am really very fastidious about how my home looks, and even as to how it is cleaned. However, I have a new job, and don't have the time to do everything in the house like I used to, and the cleaners do need to come round every now and again. They are very good with instruction, and I have been really very impressed by the whole thing, so I hope that others out there will be taking this recommendation seriously, and getting them round to their places!    
Tina Bell14/05/2014

       What a superb service, I really didn't know how comprehensively a cleaning service would clean my home! For the price that I was quoted I was expecting a quick whip around but they disinfected, removed any smudges or marks on the upholstery and now everything is clear, dusted, gleaming clean and disinfected. They even dusted on top of the lamp shades and light bulbs it really was such a thorough cleaning service. All of the staff were lovely and friendly and they did WandsworthCleaners proud. Will definitely be using this team again, I've booked them to visit every month!    

       If you are looking for a professional cleaner then these are the ones for you. After hiring about 2 different cleaning companies, and not being very happy with the service and the price, I came across WandsworthCleaners. They did a fantastic job and charged me a lot less than the other companies. They worked around my lifestyle and are very understanding and friendly to talk to. I have never looked or even thought about hiring another cleaning company every again since I am more than pleased with the service I am getting now. For me, it was definitely third time lucky!    
Ivy Timberland 27/03/2014

       I was wasting so many hours cleaning my home before I hired WandsworthCleaners, and though it's great to have a clean house, it's much better to have a clean house and lots of free time! I was spending many hours a week with a bottle of bleach in my hand, and I hate to think about what a waste this was! Now I have the perfect house cleaner to take care of my home, so that I can get busy with whatever it is I fancy! This cleaning company is very thorough, very friendly and it's not too expensive either! Definitely give them a call if you want to make extra time in your life!    

       My experience with the cleaners at WandsworthCleaners couldn't have gone any better. My cleaner arrived at my house promptly and got straight to work. I was really glad to see her using cleaning equipment that I knew was of a high quality, and I wasn't disappointed with the thorough job that she did. I've never hired a cleaner before but I was so thrilled with the way that my house looked after she was finished that I'll definitely be using this company on a regular basis from now on! I can't imagine how I coped with my house cleaning before I hired a cleaner from this company!    

       WandsworthCleaners recently started cleaning our offices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which has been excellent. I didn't really realize before, but the company we used previously were pretty slack in comparison. They took an hour longer than these guys, and therefore charged a lot more. Since changing office cleaners, I have found that the cleaning is done better and the company spends a lot less money on it all, which is great!    
Jeffrey Long07/01/2014

       After an impromptu party following our engagement, the carpets in our home were looking a little on the battered side. My fiancĂ©e was really quite upset and we were facing the prospect of putting down new. That was until one of our guests recommended WandsworthCleaners's carpet cleaning service. We thought the carpets were beyond repair, but boy did they prove us wrong. Their machinery was really quite impressive, and the results even more so. Crisis averted in double-quick time, they guys were in and out in a matter of hours and our floors were better than before. Recommended.    

       I have been using WandsworthCleaners for a few months, as a regular weekly cleaner. I have to say, I am very pleased with the results so far. They have been extremely good at ensuring that my place is left fresh and spotless every time they visit, and of course the price is not too bad! My favorite thing about using a cleaning company is that they have a large staff, so if my regular cleaner is ill or away, there is always a replacement, who is equally trust worthy, and just as great at cleaning the place! Having a professional clean every week is amazing, and I think everyone would benefit from it!    
Imogen Papworth19/11/2013